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    Uber Safety Tips

    Published on Dec 7, 2021 at 10:53 am in Uber Safety.

    Rideshare services have changed transportation throughout California and the rest of the United States. However, rideshare companies like Uber are not perfect business models. Customer safety is an issue that arises again and again throughout news outlets across the country. Uber drivers have committed abductions, assaults, and murders

    Uber accident attorneys at Ride App Law Group, LLP are here to represent you if you were injured during an Uber trip. Our attorneys can discuss the facts of your case with you. The following tips will help you remain safe during any Uber ride. 

    Ask For Your Name First 

    Ask the driver the name of their passenger before you enter the vehicle. Do not say your name beforehand. One of the best things you can do is avoid entering the wrong vehicle. 

    Wait Inside For Your Uber Ride 

    Do not wait outside while waiting for your Uber ride. You do not want to attract unwanted attention and risk being kidnapped, attacked, or robbed.

    Be Aware Of Your Surroundings 

    You should check to see which businesses are open near you if you are getting picked up by an Uber driver in an unfamiliar area. Do not walk around in unfamiliar areas during the evening. 

    Search For The Uber Sticker 

    Uber mandates that all drivers affix reflective stickers on their windshields. You need to also look at the automobile’s license plate number to verify that the numbers match the information in the Uber application. Fraudulent drivers often display the Uber symbol and try to appear as though they are official Uber drivers. 

    Sit In The Back Seat 

    Passengers need to sit in the back seat because it is safer to be in the back seat during an Uber accident. You can exit safely from the back seat, and this also allows you to give the driver space. 

    Protect Your Personal Information 

    Engaging in conversation with your Uber driver is fine but do not share personal information with your Uber driver. You do not need to tell the driver how long you are going to be traveling, your full name, or where you are from. Do not offer the Uber driver your phone number or contact information. 

    Share Your Trip With A Friend Or Loved One 

    Share your trip with a loved one or a friend once you enter the automobile. Let them know where you are going and send them a text message containing the driver’s name and license plate number. You can obtain this information through the application. You should observe the mapping function on your smartphone to understand where you are going while you are inside the Uber driver’s automobile. 

    Contact a California Uber Accident Attorney Today 

    Ride App Law Group, LLP is here to protect your legal rights if you were injured during an Uber ride. Contact the office online or call at 888-754-9023 to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. Our attorneys are here to represent you and obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

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