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    What Happens if a Lyft Driver is Unsafe?

    Published on Jul 22, 2022 at 3:43 pm in Lyft Accidents.

    Most ridesharing apps have reported a recent spike in carjackings or assault cases among their drivers. Interestingly, Lyft recently announced a new set of security measures that include account verification to secure their drivers and rideshare passengers. If you suffer injuries, reach out to a rideshare accident attorney as soon as possible.

    If you conduct a simple search about drivers’ safety on Lyft, you’ll find the pain some victims experience. This might include being afraid or injured due to unsafe driving or even experiencing an assault by a Lyft driver. 

    What Can Lyft Passengers Do When They Feel Unsafe

    Safety is a key component of the Lyft ride experience. Below are the safety mechanisms you can apply in case of a security threat.

    • Emergency Situation: If you feel insecure at any time, contact the emergency team discreetly from the Lyft app. Simply tap the shield icon on the lower left side of the display. The emergency team will contact you, and if you don’t answer, they can communicate with local authorities for assistance.
    • Contact Support: The internal safety team is always available 24/7 to handle Lyft accidents and emergencies. Tap on the contact support icon to escalate your concerns. The safety team is in charge of investigations and works closely with authorities to keep you safe.
    • Lyft Can Predict When You Need Help: Lyft takes cues from unusual behaviors like stopping suddenly or parking for an unusual amount of time. In such a case, Lyft may reach out and connect with the safety team or inform the police for emergency response.
    • Use De-escalation Techniques: If you’re unable to contact help, de-escalation techniques can help. Aim to stay calm, key your voice down, avoid sudden moves, and desist from verbal or physical confrontation.

    Keeping Yourself Safe

    Verify the Driver

    Before getting in a car, always confirm the driver’s identity. It’s okay to verify details from the driver and license plate with those on the app. It’s also okay to walk away from the vehicle if the details do not match exactly.

    Always Stay Alert

    Make a habit of checking the surroundings before entering or exiting the vehicle. If you notice any suspicious activity or an uncomfortable situation, leave immediately, and inform authorities via 911. More importantly, listen to your gut and trust your instincts whenever you encounter uncomfortable situations in a Lyft.

    Share Your Real-time Location 

    The Lyft ride app has a real-time tracking feature that records location, route, and trip status. It also allows you to share location details with a family member or friend. You can, therefore, rest assured that someone who cares for you knows your whereabouts when you are riding on a Lyft.

    Speak to a Los Angeles Lyft Accident Attorney

    A driver’s safety is equally important as that of a passenger. If you’ve been attacked and injured in the line of work, you’re entitled to compensation. The RideApp Attorneys can help you pursue compensation from an insurer or Lyft. Contact us for a free consultation.

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