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Wingz is a growing rideshare platform in Los Angeles and a number of other cities. The company bills itself as a “smarter and safer” transportation service. While there is no data to back up Wingz’s claims, the company claims to deliver rides “as safe as humanly possible.” Wingz says that they rigorously check their drivers’ background, and they give them health and safety training before they put them on the road. 

In fact, Wingz even says that their service is as safe as getting a ride from a family member or friend. Whether this is true or hyperbole, there is no such thing as a rideshare company that is entirely worry-free for passengers or other drivers on the road. Any ridesharing service that uses an app and sends drivers into unfamiliar neighborhoods automatically means increased danger for everyone else.

Wingz tells customers that they can book their favorite driver to run errands, take them to the airport, or even to a business meeting. Customers can schedule rides in advance or can request a ride on the spot. Available drivers could accept the ride request like they do on apps like Uber, Lyft, and Opoli.

The Dangers that Wingz Drivers Pose to Passengers and Other Drivers

There are a number of dangers presented by any rideshare service. No matter how much Wingz claims that they provide extensive health and safety training, rideshare drivers often take to the road without the proper safety knowledge. Beyond that, the rideshare system itself encourages drivers to pay more attention to the app than they do to driving. They may either be using the app as a GPS system or to look for rides. Either way, they have one or both eyes on their mobile device instead of on the road. 

There are other parts of rideshare services that endanger both passengers and other drivers. These include:

  • Drivers are often moonlighting from other jobs and are working when they are tired. They may also work long shifts to scrape together a living, especially when business is slow.
  • Rideshare drivers cover various parts of Los Angeles County that they are not familiar with, causing them to lose focus.
  • Drivers end up on the road without much specific training for how to be a rideshare driver. Usually, this is something that would require extensive training.
  • There is nobody to maintain rideshare cars. Drivers are responsible for their own upkeep, and they could cut corners on maintenance. 

Case Results

  • Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Result


  • Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Result


Rideshare Vehicles Make Los Angeles Roads Even More Dangerous

Los Angeles may be the most difficult city in the entire country for drivers and traffic. This is even more so when they have a passenger in the car and are taking new routes every single day. Los Angeles driving is not for the faint of heart under the best circumstances. 

In reality, Wingz puts its drivers on the road after a background and motor vehicle record test. If they have a suitable vehicle and go through a knowledge test and in-person orientation, they can be on the road as a driver. That sounds great for drivers who need extra money in a hurry. It is not as good for passenger safety.

For a rideshare company like Wingz, it is very convenient to fashion themselves as a “peer-to-peer marketplace.” The company uses this to try to escape legal responsibility for the actions of the drivers. This is one of the more creative ways to describe an arrangement that could leave injured drivers and passengers out in the cold. 

Wingz drivers do not really drive for Wingz, according to the legal arrangement. They are classified as independent contractors and are not employees of Wingz. That may change in the near future. For now, it means that Wingz itself cannot be sued for a rideshare accident. 

Making a Claim Against the Wingz Insurance Policy Is Not Easy

Wingz has the same exact rules in place that the other rideshare companies have. They follow the requirements to have a minimum insurance policy in place to cover injuries to passengers and other drivers. However, there are many steps that must happen for that insurance policy to benefit you if you have been injured. 

The first thing to know is the rules of insurance coverage. The rules are different if you are a passenger or driver:

  • For drivers, the standard car accident rules apply. If the Wingz driver is responsible for the accident, the Wingz insurance policy will cover the accident damages.
  • If you are a passenger, you would need to figure out who is responsible for the accident. The responsible driver’s insurance policy would be the first one to cover the damages. If the other driver was at fault and they did not have enough coverage for the accident, Wingz’s policy would act as underinsured motorist coverage.

Wingz has the same exact insurance coverage as the other rideshare companies. Their drivers are covered by a $1 million insurance policy. This coverage begins when the ride starts, and it ends when the passenger safely exits the vehicle. If the driver mode is off, the driver’s personal insurance policy applies to the accident. Wingz’s coverage begins when the driver has activated the application to start a passenger ride and is on their way to pick up the passenger.

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When Is a Wingz Driver Negligent?

If you are a driver injured in an accident with a Wingz car, the standard negligence test applies in determining who was at fault. There are four elements to this test:

  • The Wingz driver owed you a duty of care.
  • The driver breached the duty of care by acting unreasonably under the circumstances. When they speed or drive distracted, it is usually negligence.
  • You suffered an injury.
  • The injury would not have happened if not for the Wingz driver’s actions.

After you have been involved in a Wingz rideshare accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Prompt treatment and diagnosis not only help you medically, but they are the first steps towards legal compensation. Your other initial step should be calling The Ride App Attorneys. We will fight for you throughout the legal process.

The first thing is knowing your legal rights. You have the right to be paid for your damages when someone else is responsible for your injuries. Your damages would include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages for time that you could not work or the reduction in your earning capacity
  • Medical bills that came out of your pocket
  • Mental anguish
  • Wrongful death if someone was killed

You may wonder why rideshare accident attorneys are always talking about fighting. When there is an insurance company, this is what you have to do to get your money. The insurance companies that work with the rideshare companies see numerous claims every day. They do big business with companies like Wingz, and it is a large part of their profits. 

These companies do not make it easy for you when you are hurt and trying to get the money that you deserve. They make you fight hard for it because they count on wearing you down and getting you to take less than you deserve. 

We Fight for Your Against the Insurance Company

The tried-and-true rideshare insurance company tactic is to lowball your settlement offer. They lose nothing by doing this. The worst that happens for them is that you reject the offer and make your own demand. For them, it is all part of the process. 

The key is to know how much your claim is worth before you agree to any settlement. Without a lawyer on your side, you are left in the position of having to take what the insurance company offers. With one of our attorneys, you will know exactly when the insurance company is trying to put one over on you. 

The odds are in favor of your rideshare claim settling at some point. Very few cases will end up going all the way to trial. The important thing is getting enough money for your injuries. If the insurance company will not offer you enough money in a settlement, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

The rideshare claim process is not made to be easy. This is why you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer to guide you through the process. Leave the details to us, so you could have peace of mind that someone will make you whole.

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