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    Steps to Take Following an Uber Accident 

    Published on Jul 19, 2022 at 8:00 am in Uber Accidents.

    First things first, following an Uber Accident call 9-1-1. Is everyone OK? Even if injuries are fairly minor, it never hurts to make a 9-1-1 call, just in case. Safety and medical attention should be the top priority after an Uber accident. If you were injured, pay close attention to these steps and then contact a rideshare lawyer from Ride App Law Group in San Diego.

    #1 – Call 9-1-1  

    911.gov suggests contacting 9-1-1 whether or not there are injuries. The dispatcher can be the one to decide whether a first responder is or is not needed (or let the paramedics show up and then determine if everyone is OK). There are numerous injuries that are not immediately apparent right after an accident. Let the paramedics decide who should get further medical treatment. 

    #2 – Get the Recommended Medical Treatment  

    Be sure to follow up with the treatments that the doctors give you. Whiplash is an excellent example of an injury that we, as rideshare accident attorneys, consistently see underestimated or written off. After being rear-ended in an Uber, your neck might not even feel injured until you wake up the next day. A paramedic may give you a neck brace to wear anyway. Use it! Once your neck starts to get stiff, you will be glad you have the collar on. 

    #3 – Document, Document, Document  

    Even with security cameras everywhere, there are still many accidents that are not captured on camera. Contacting 9-1-1 helps establish the accident timeline, which is another reason not to be shy about reaching out to them immediately after the accident. Take pictures and videos of the scene, people, and anything that seems relevant. Sending text messages and making phone calls after the accident also helps establish the accident timeline and the other relevant facts. 

    #4 – Protect the Scene Until Police Arrive  

    If you were involved in an Uber accident, police and the fire department (and other first responders) must collect and preserve evidence. Everyone who responds will write their own internal report going to their respective department supervisors. They will investigate what caused the Uber driver to be involved in the crash. Record everything! Don’t assume someone else isn’t going to sue despite being calm, helpful, or casual immediately after the crash (yourself included).

    #5 – Notify Uber About the Accident

    The Uber driver should be the one to report the accident to Uber. That can be done in three ways: 

    • Go to the “Help” section of the app. Select “Trip Issues.” Then select “I was in a crash.”
    • Drivers can also call driver support by tapping “Call Support” in the Uber app.
    • Uber has a Critical Safety Response hotline – 1-800-353-8237 (or 1-866-576-1039) – that is for drivers only. 

    On Uber’s “rider” website, this is all the information provided: “Please go to the Help Section of the UT app to get support for your trip.” One sentence! No details! There is no known direct phone line for riders to contact Uber in an emergency. This is another reason why it’s so important to call 9-1-1 first thing.

    #6 – Write Down Everything You Can In a Journal 

    As soon as you can, write down each and every detail that you can remember about the Uber accident. Include times, weather, road conditions, things the Uber driver said or did, specific streets or landmarks, and exactly how the crash played out from what you saw, from your perspective. Write this full-detail account in your diary (date it) or email it to a friend (like, “Hey, guess what just happened to me yesterday?”) As new information arises, update your journal or email a partner (that a medical diagnosis is made, a quote from the auto body shop is received, etc.). 

    After the first initial writing entry, also be sure to document, for instance, nightmares you’re having, depression you’re feeling, insomnia you’re experiencing, the level of pain you’re experiencing from your injuries, and so on. Emails and diary entries are admissible evidence in court, so keep that in mind as you write. Your written accounts are also useful tools for your lawyer to get you a fast and easy out-of-court settlement. 

    # 7 – File Your Claim Against the Driver’s Insurance 

    If you were or were not injured in the accident, don’t expect Uber to reach out and offer any sort of customer service. You have two choices at this point: you can go straight to an attorney who is well-versed in rideshare law, like Ride App Law Group, or you can start the insurance claim process on your own. In reality, the sooner you speak to an attorney, the better. What comes next is negotiating a monetary settlement with the driver’s and/or Uber’s insurance carrier. Uber, like the other rideshare apps, is going to low-ball you on their first offer. Don’t be duped! With an experienced lawyer on your side, Uber will see that they can’t push you around. They will definitely take your case more seriously. Your attorney will negotiate with Uber directly on your behalf to get you the highest cash settlement.  

    If you decide not to lawyer up, you will: 

    1. File a claim with your health insurance company 
    2. File a claim on the Uber app
    3. File a claim with the Uber driver’s insurance company
    4. Accept or counter-offer whatever settlement is offered to you

    According to Uber’s website, if Uber’s insurance is going to cover the accident, the driver is responsible for a huge deductible of $2,500.

    Contact the San Diego Rideshare Lawyers at Ride App Law Group ASAP

    If you were involved in an Uber accident and sustained injuries, you have nothing to lose by contacting our San Diego rideshare law firm right away. There is no fee for a consultation, and you pay nothing if we don’t get you a settlement. Statistically, individuals represented by attorneys get bigger settlements—so big in fact that, even after we deduct our fees from your settlement, you’ll still end up with more money on average. Reach out to Ride App Law Group today to see how we can help you get the best settlement possible.

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