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    Aggressive Uber Drivers In San Jose Traffic

    Published on Dec 3, 2021 at 10:27 am in Uber Safety.

    Road rage is a phrase that describes a driver who physically intimidates other drivers while traveling on the streets. Aggressive Uber drivers may endanger the lives of their own passengers and other drivers sharing the road. Drivers who exhibit road rage may exit their vehicles at a red light and confront another driver. 

    The following behaviors are indicative of road rage: 

    • Physically assaulting another driver 
    • Intentionally striking another automobile 
    • Blocking cars from moving 
    • Honking without stopping
    • Cursing, yelling, or screaming at someone else on the road 
    • Leaving the automobile to confront another driver 
    • Stopping in front of another driver 
    • Driving carelessly to annoy or frustrate other drivers 
    • Tailgating another driver 

    If you think you have suffered bodily injury during a motor vehicle accident with an aggressive Uber driver, contact Ride App Law Group, LLP today. Our attorneys can help you seek financial compensation for your damages. 

    Road Rage and The Law 

    Being upset in and of itself is not against the law. You can take legal action if the instance of road rage extends beyond a certain point and causes you physical injury. If you want to file a lawsuit against a driver who exhibits road rage, an attorney can file an assault claim. Only an experienced attorney will have the knowledge and skill to determine if the facts of your case justify such an action. 

    Road rage can cause an Uber driver to intentionally cause an accident. If an Uber driver exits his or her vehicle and damages your vehicle, then you can likely sue for property damage and the cost of repairs. Drivers exhibiting road rage may strike your vehicle with a weapon, scratch your paint, or deflate your tires. 

    If a road rage driver physically strikes you, then you can likely file a battery claim. You can recover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and non-economic damages. If Uber was negligent in its hiring process, then you may likely be able to sue Uber and the responsible driver.

    What To Do If You Are Involved In A Road Rage Incident 

    The following are general tips that you should consider if you ever encounter a driver exhibiting road rage: 

    • Do not leave your car. You should stay inside and lock the doors. If you are blocked from leaving, you should remain inside the car and stay calm. Do not roll down your windows. 
    • Contact the police officers as soon as possible. If the driver sees you contacting the police, then he or she may stop confronting you.
    • Drive to a police station if an Uber driver has struck your car or tailgates your car. The driver may not follow you into the police station parking lot. 
    • Do not confront the driver or antagonize him or her. Do not yell, fight back, or escalate the conflict. 

    Contact a San Jose Uber Accident Lawyer Today 

    Contact Ride App Law Group, LLP today to schedule a free consultation. If you were injured by a driver exhibiting road rage in San Jose, California, call our office at 888-754-9023. Our attorneys can assist you with any questions you may have regarding your case. 

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