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    San Jose E-scooter Program

    Published on Aug 11, 2022 at 8:08 pm in Bike / Scooter Accidents.

    San Jose, California, encounters heavy road traffic necessitating innovative solutions like the e-scooter program. Some companies offering the e-scooter program include Lime, Bird, Spin, Razor, Gruv, and Link.

    The initial reaction to the e-scooter program among San Jose residents was welcoming. Even so, the presence of e-scooters and bikes has increased the hazards on the road. It’s no surprise to find a pedestrian dodging an e-scooter on sidewalks—part of the reason behind rising injury cases. 

    Remember, the e-scooter program is relatively new, which means few people understand how to deal with accidents. Luckily, a San Jose e-scooter and a bike accident attorney can help injury victims of this program. Seek a legal consultation today. 

    Risks That E-scooter Riders Face

    Disregarding Traffic Rules

    It’s common to find an e-scooter rider weaving through an intersection, navigating dangerously in and out of traffic, or driving on the wrong side of the road. These actions endanger their lives and other road users.

    Failure to Observe Safety Guidelines

    California laws prohibit riders from carrying more than one passenger. A rider must be licensed and use safety gear like helmets while riding. Disregarding safety rules is a leading cause of e-scooter accidents and injuries.

    General Risks

    In comparison to vehicles, the e-scooter frame is relatively weaker. As a result, it can easily pop a tire or trip after encountering a pothole. In addition, poorly maintained bikes or e-scooters pose additional risks to riders. For instance, braking failure on a congested road can cause the rider to crash, resulting in severe injuries.

    Safety Precautions for E-scooter Riders

    • Always wear safety gear like helmets, knee, and elbow pads
    • Wear fitting clothing that doesn’t constrict your body while riding
    • Observe traffic rules and be mindful of other road users
    • Understand all the safety features of the e-scooter or bicycle

    Common Injuries Suffered by E-scooter Riders

    Leg Injuries

    The risk of leg injuries among e-scooter riders is high because their lower limbs are highly exposed. Although leg injuries are non-fatal, some result in severe consequences. The typical leg injuries include broken bones, soft tissue injuries, amputation, and foot injuries.

    Facial Injuries

    A considerable percentage of riders ignore the most basic safety precaution—wearing a helmet. As a result, many suffer severe facial injuries that alter their lives. Victims of facial injuries suffer the loss of identity, self-worth, or value. 

    In addition, victims may suffer further complications like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

    Spinal Injuries

    Spinal injuries occur when physical damage occurs to the vertebrates, ligaments, disks in the spinal structure, or the spinal cord. Unfortunately, a spinal injury causes permanent loss of strength, sensation, and bodily functions below the spine.

    On the brighter side, some spinal injuries result in temporary paralysis, with victims recovering body strength or sensation.

    Speak to an Experienced E-scooter and Bike Accident Attorney

    E-scooter and bike riders suffer severe injuries because of inadequate bodily protection. Unfortunately, they must cope with high medical bills, disability, and loss of income. It’s therefore prudent to work with a specialized e-scooter attorney like The Ride App Attorneys.

    Contact us online or call us toll-free at (888) CRASH08.

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