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    Fewer Uber Drivers in LA Might Cause More Accidents

    Published on May 12, 2022 at 6:11 pm in Uber Accidents.

    Gas prices are keeping some drivers off the road in LA, while others are driving longer distances and longer hours to accommodate.

    In LA, driving longer distances and longer hours is causing the amount of injury-causing and deadly car accidents to rise. Despite the city’s numerous attempts to lessen the amount of deadly crashes on its highways, they continue to happen. Anyone injured in an Uber accident should reach out to an Uber lawyer in Los Angeles right away. 

    Attempts to Curb Accidents

    When LA Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed the Vision Zero plan, he predicted an almost 20% decrease in traffic-related fatalities. Rather, LA witnessed a 43% boost in deadly car crashes during Vision Zero’s first year.

    Vision Zero was in effect; LA saw a further 22% jump in fatal crashes the next year. LA has the highest rate of injury-causing and deadly traffic crashes. If you’ve been hurt in a car crash and need assistance, contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney today for assistance.

    Statistics documenting the yearly Uber and Lyft crashes happening in Los Angeles and throughout the state are challenging to specify, mainly because rideshare companies choose to keep such data out of the public eye. While studies continue, no official statistics demonstrate exactly how many Uber and Lyft casualties happen every year in Los Angeles. No figures are presently available to provide context for the severity or type of such accidents. Still, we know that pedestrians are involved in almost 14% of traffic accidents and account for almost half of all traffic accident fatalities. 

    Suppose you were injured in a rideshare crash, whether as a passenger of Uber or Lyft or as another driver or third party. It would be best to contact an experienced lawyer to defend your rights. These injury lawsuits are often complicated due to the factors ingrained in rideshare crash cases.

    Being in any car crash is a scary incident. The aftermath of an Uber crash can be incredibly stressful, as several aspects make seeking an accident lawsuit more difficult than after a typical wreck.

    Although Uber drivers are completing a job, they are not comparable to other commercial drivers, such as taxi drivers or delivery drivers, when filing a claim. After an Uber crash in LA, you may not necessarily file a lawsuit or claim against Uber.

    Rather, the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit after an Uber crash typically goes as follows:

    • If the Uber driver was to blame for the crash, the victim could file a lawsuit with the Uber driver’s private auto insurer
    • The claim will almost invariably be rejected because the Uber driver was using their car in a commercial way, which is not shielded under most personal auto insurance policies
    • If the claim is rejected, or once the Uber driver’s auto insurance coverage is depleted, you might be able to turn to Uber’s insurance coverage

    Why Do I Need a Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

    Rideshare misfortunes are seldom straightforward. You are likely to encounter problems filing your claim and retrieving the compensation you are owed for your financial and non-economic losses. Dealing with Uber, Lyft, or their agents should be the last thing you have to worry about. Let our rideshare attorneys manage everything with your suit, including laboring with the rideshare company or insurance provider, so that you can concentrate your power on your health.

    Our LA rideshare accident attorneys understand the many nuances of these types of claims, and we have what it takes to support you effectively. We are ready to manage everything from the initial research and discovery through settlement negotiations and, if required, litigation and trial. We have an established record of triumph in even the most demanding cases. Contact us to battle for the justice and favorable outcome you deserve.

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