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    What Are Some California Rideshare Accident Statistics?

    Published on Apr 21, 2022 at 2:46 pm in Rideshare Accidents.

    Uber was born in California in 2009. Uber’s headquarters is still located in San Francisco today. From the first time each Californian took a rideshare trip until the repeal of AB5 (the “gig worker” bill passed at the beginning of the Covid pandemic), Uber and Lyft have redefined transportation in California over the last 13 years. They also led to rideshare law firms having to stand up for the rights of accident victims in California. 

    California Rideshare Statistics

    What is the state of the rideshare industry in one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the US’s largest and most populous states, California?

    • During a two-year period, there were over 300 rideshare dooring accidents in California alone. 
    • In California, 30,000 new rideshare drivers are trained each month.
    • Between September 2013 and September 2015, rideshare rides in California alone generated $1.6 billion in revenue.
    • Over 600 million miles were driven by California rideshare drivers in the same time period.
    • Rideshare drivers rolled over their exiting passengers’ feet 100 times in this time period in the Golden State.
    • Data analyzed by the California Public Utilities Commission shows that collisions and incidents involving rideshare drivers are growing.
    • In California, over 30% of all trips were taken between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. 1/3 of California rideshare trips are 3 miles or less, and about half of all our state’s rideshare trips cost under $10.

    Rideshare Statistics Nationwide

    Outside of California, Lyft and Uber have been just as impactful:

    • In 16 of the US’ 20 major cities, Uber is less expensive than a taxi.
    • In the last quarter of 2020, with the pandemic lockdown in full swing before any vaccinations had been released, 93 million people used Uber.
    • Uber lost $3.86 per share of stock in 2020.
    • In 2021, Uber generated over $17 billion in revenue.
    • About 900,000 Uber drivers can be found in the US.
    • In 2020, Uber Eats’ revenues grew by over 200%.
    • Roughly 45% of Uber drivers were Caucasian and almost 60% were male in 2020.
    • Showing a 27% decrease from the 6.9 billion trips completed in 2019, Uber drivers completed about 5 billion rides in 2020.

    Uber, Lyft, and Prop 22

    You can’t talk about rideshare apps in California without mentioning the epic act of lobbying it took Lyft and Uber to do in order to get AB5 repealed. Prop 22, which reversed AB5 passed just a few months prior, was signed into law in November 2020. In a nutshell, AB5 required Uber and Lyft to treat their drivers as employees, not as independent contractors. This meant benefits, better wages, paying into things like unemployment and worker’s comp. Uber and Lyft together spent $224 million on lobbyists and campaign donations and so on to get Prop 22 passed in place of AB5. These numbers make it clear that California means big business for both of the major rideshare apps.

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