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    Common Types Of Uber Crashes In Los Angeles, California

    Published on Jan 5, 2022 at 8:00 pm in News.

    Uber drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents for many different reasons. Speeding and distracted driving are two of the most common causes of automobile accidents involving Uber drivers. If you have suffered personal injuries during a motor vehicle accident, you should know some of the most frequent behaviors that contribute to Uber crashes, and a rideshare accident lawyer can help identify liability for your injuries.

    Speeding Is One Of The Most Common Causes Of Uber Accidents 

    Fatal accidents occur every day in the United States, and speeding is one of the primary causes of these fatal motor vehicle accidents. Uber drivers are compensated for every trip they make while they are working for Uber. These drivers attempt to increase the amount of money they make by dropping off passengers quickly and completing trips as soon as possible. 

    Uber drivers who speed through traffic put their lives and the lives of everyone around them at risk. Risky driving can cause rear-end collisions and rollover accidents. If Uber drivers lose control of their vehicles due to excessive speeding, then it is more likely that all passengers will suffer serious bodily injury. 

    Distracted Driving And Uber Accidents 

    Distracted driving is inherently dangerous. Uber drivers put the lives of their passengers at risk when they attempt to use GPS software while driving. Uber drivers can take their eyes off the road and cause a serious Uber collision because they are distracted by their mobile phones. 

    Drivers are also distracted when they eat while driving or talk to others inside a vehicle. Many drivers perform these acts without realizing they are forms of distracted driving. Uber drivers may spend so much time in their automobiles that they become accustomed to eating, drinking, and socializing while driving. However, these activities can increase the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents involving Uber drivers. 

    Other Common Causes Of Uber Accidents 

    The following are some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents involving Uber drivers: 

    • Dangerous road conditions caused by weather or construction 
    • Reckless driving involving improper turns and failure to yield 
    • Vehicle malfunctions 
    • Road rage and violence 
    • Improper merging 
    • Not obeying traffic signs or traffic signals 
    • Fatigued driving 
    • Driving while intoxicated 

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