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    Why Do Food Delivery Drivers Speed in Los Angeles?

    Published on May 19, 2022 at 8:00 pm in Food Delivery.

    Consumers are increasingly ordering food from their favorite eateries to be delivered rather than dining in. 10 percent of respondents in a survey done in 2016 said they ordered food delivery at least once per week.

    From 2014 to 2016, digital ordering and delivery increased 300 percent. It is predicted that online food delivery will grow into a huge $200 billion industry by 2025.

    As customers turned to food delivery amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, numbers continued to rise. The online food delivery market is anticipated to reach over 1.6 billion users and $151.5 billion in revenue this year. It is predicted that there will be 2 billion people using food delivery apps within the next three years.

    As the number of food delivery vehicles in Los Angeles grows, the likelihood of crashes and other health problems increases. Seek help from a rideshare accident law firm if you were hit by a food delivery driver. 

    Increased Accident Risks

    The rise in demand for these food delivery services goes hand-in-hand with the risk of car crashes. Food delivery drivers are more inclined to drive recklessly than other drivers because of their incentive to maximize earnings. 

    Because food delivery drivers are typically paid by the delivery and not by the hour, they are more likely to:

    Food delivery accident claims can become complex because the companies classify their drivers as independent contractors and not employees, making them not responsible for negligent behaviors.

    Many drivers are young and inexperienced, and those are the drivers that tend to drive faster and more erratic than more skilled drivers. Drivers are compensated like waiters, so most of their earnings are from tips. The faster the driver gets to delivery, the higher the tip, and the more deliveries they can make. The faster they are, the more money they make.

    Available Damages

    If you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses. Damages are a type of monetary award selected by a court of law to help compensate an injured person for any losses or injuries sustained due to someone’s negligence. They are split into economic and non-economic damages.

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages are intended to reimburse a plaintiff for losses that a dollar amount can easily be attached to and are calculated by specifying the amount of out-of-pocket losses an injured person has or will expect to have from their injuries.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages are intended to cover subjective losses and will not necessarily cover out-of-pocket losses.

    Punitive Damages

    Though rarely awarded, there’s also a third type of damages called punitive damages. They are intended as a penalty and are only awarded when a defendant’s behavior is extremely destructive.

    A Los Angeles Food Delivery Accident Attorney Can Help

    If you are a victim of a food delivery accident, Ride App Law Group has experienced personal injury attorneys who will work tirelessly to ensure that you are getting the full compensation you deserve for your losses, including medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.

    Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our professional, devoted, and understanding legal team.

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