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    What Are Uber’s Insurance Requirements?

    Published on Aug 2, 2021 at 10:00 am in Uber Accidents.

    We entrust rideshare drivers with the job of safely getting us from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, these drivers can sometimes violate our trust by driving carelessly, recklessly, and flat out negligently. An Uber accident attorney can help.

    Sometimes, rideshare collisions can lead to injury, or worse yet, death, and unfortunately, it’s not an issue that seems to be getting much better. According to the Booth School at the University of Chicago, rideshare accident rates saw a two to three percent rise over the better part of the last decade.

    What is there to be done about this problem? Will the driver be mandated to have an insurer you can work within the event of a crash? Likewise, if you fail to get a satisfactory settlement out of them, could you get one with the help of a reliable Uber accident attorney? Keep reading to find out.

    Uber Insurance Requirements: How They Work

    Though rideshare jobs are typically in the vein of “gig economy” work and lack many of the benefits found through traditional employment, Uber does maintain (and mandate) automotive insurance coverage options on behalf of its drivers. Such coverage options may include:

    1. Third-party liability insurance: These options cover property damage or bodily injury expenses incurred by covered/eligible accidents.
    1. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist insurance: If the other driver is at fault for an accident (not the rideshare driver), then these options will cover medical expenses if that negligent driver isn’t sufficiently insured.
    1. Comprehensive collision insurance: Uber maintains professional protection insurance for drivers who incur vehicle damage, provided that they do the same for their personal protection insurance.

    Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the Uber driver could have up to $25,000-$100,000 able to be paid in liability coverage payments if a third party is liable, or $1 million if they are the liable party in the crash.

    Uber also offers cover options exclusive to commercial drivers and additional personal injury projection options exclusive to drivers here in California. But what must Uber drivers do if they find themselves entangled in an accident?

    What Happens When Your Uber Gets In An Accident?

    Whether they’re at fault or another negligent driver is at fault, your Uber driver is responsible for doing all of the following in the event that an accident ever occurs:

    1. Check on/ensure the safety of all parties involved
    2. Notify first responders of the injuries/property damage
    3. Report the accident through the help section of their Driver App
    4. Document the accident in pictures, videos, and writing (if possible)
    5. Exchanging contact and insurance info if possible

    After help arrives, you, your Uber driver, and any other parties involved should seek appropriate medical care ASAP. You can negotiate with your driver’s insurer if they held a majority of the blame for the crash, but where do you turn if you fail to attain a satisfactory settlement out of them?

    Count On Our Uber Accident Attorneys

    The Ride App Lawyers have obtained millions in settlement compensation for passengers wronged by neglectful rideshare drivers. We have offices in San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles to best serve clients across California. If you’re still struggling to be satisfactorily compensated after a California rideshare accident, then consider contacting one of our Uber accident attorneys today.

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