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    The Dangers of T-Bone Rideshare Accidents

    Published on Sep 29, 2021 at 10:12 am in Uber Accidents.

    T-bone vehicle accidents, also known as side-impact accidents, could occur in various traffic situations, and they can involve rideshare vehicles. A driver could be driving in a different intersection when another driver cuts in front during a left turn, resulting in you striking the other car on the side. Or maybe a driver with the green light was traveling through an intersection, and another driver sped through a red light, hitting the driver with the green light on the vehicle’s side. 

    Either way, T-bone accidents could result in severe injuries or death. Whether you were a rideshare passenger or were in another vehicle hit by a rideshare driver, you should speak with an accident attorney about your rights immediately. 

    What Happens During a T-Bone Accident? 

    T-bone vehicle accidents pose unique dangers. The force of the impact that a striking vehicle makes as it comes in contact with the struck vehicle forms a T shape, hence the term “T-bone” accident. When a car hits the back or front portion of your car, you’ll be somewhat protected from the impact by the seats, trunk, engine, bumper, and several layers of steel.

    However, in a T-bone accident, there’s only the window or door and/or the passenger seat between you and the striking vehicle. This could cause significant injuries or death to the vehicle occupants. It is also crucial to note that the size of the vehicle matters in T-bone accidents. 

    A study found that passenger car drivers experience significantly higher fatality rates, particularly when struck directly on their side, than SUV drivers in T-bone accidents. This is mainly due to differences in the size and mass of the vehicles. Serious injuries are particularly common when smaller rideshare vehicles are involved in this type of crash

    T-Bone Collision Injuries 

    The significant amount of force involved in T-bone car accidents usually crumbles the side portion of the struck vehicle and risks severely or fatally injuring the occupants. These accidents typically cause serious injuries because of inadequate support and protection around the vehicle’s occupants. These injuries include: 

    It’s also not uncommon for vehicle occupants to be flung across the other side of the vehicle, increasing the risk of more severe injuries. 

    The vast majority of T-bone crashes happen at intersections when a negligent driver disregards a stop sign, stoplight, or red light and breezes through the intersection where other vehicles won’t have a chance to avoid the inevitable collision

    These potentially fatal accidents do not only occur at intersections but on freeways and interstates when drivers lose control and their vehicles skid sideways. Additionally, T-bone accidents also occur in seemingly safe parking lots when a car reverses, leaves its parking spot, and strikes another vehicle behind it. 

    Talk to an Experienced Rideshare Accident Attorney for Lyft, Opoli, or Wingz Accidents

    If you’ve suffered serious injuries in a T-bone rideshare accident, don’t hesitate to obtain legal help from our experienced rideshare lawyers. At The Ride App Lawyers, we understand the extent to which an accident could affect your entire life, and we help injured crash victims in San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles. To set up your free case evaluation, contact us online today. 

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