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    California E-Scooter and Bike Sharing Leads to Deadly Accidents

    Published on Nov 2, 2021 at 10:06 am in Bike / Scooter Accidents, Electric Scooters and Bikes.

    When there seem to be more and more people on rental e-scooters and bikes than on foot in many major cities across California, accidents, and fatalities involving scooters and bikes become increasingly common. When a motor vehicle collides with a person riding a scooter or bicycle rental – or an e-scooter or bike rider hits a pedestrian – serious injuries or death can result.

    Knowing your legal rights and options following this type of accident can be challenging, but you should never give up and accept your losses. If you lost a loved one in a deadly accident, a lawyer from The Ride App Attorneys can help your family explore options in your case and handle the legal process for you. 

    E-Scooters and Rental Bicyclists Face Great Danger on the Roads 

    Research indicates the growing rise of fatalities associated with e-scooters and bikes, with many recorded accidents and injuries occurring in California. In March of 2019, a rider was killed while riding an e-scooter on the sidewalk due to a collision with a motor vehicle. This demonstrates the reality that pedestrians and scooter riders are not necessarily safe, even when they are riding safely on the sidewalk where they should be. While a number of e-scooter-related fatalities involved collisions on the street, sidewalk fatalities are also all too common. 

    Drivers in the modern world are also taking advantage of emerging technologies, just as e-scooter riders and bicycle renters are doing. When a driver is using a smartphone while driving and gets into an accident, they are liable for the damages and harm they cause as a result of their violation of the rules of the road

    Motor vehicles are large and fast, and drivers are required to be responsible while driving by keeping their eyes on the road, not on their smartphones. An attorney knows what questions to ask and evidence to collect to determine what a driver was doing in the moments leading up to the accident to prove fault in a fatal e-scooter or bike crash.

    Losing a Loved One in an E-Scooter of Bicycle Accident May Entitle You to Damages 

    If you have lost a close family member to an e-scooter or bike accident, you may be entitled to damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. When a person is killed in an accident, and another party is at fault, you can collect damages for your family’s losses under California law. 

    A wrongful death lawsuit provides damages for the lost financial and emotional support of your loved one, in addition to pain and suffering and potentially punitive damages. Financial damages can include the lost financial contribution of your loved one to the household, from the time of their death through their time of retirement. The loss of their financial support is also damage that can be recovered in court, as emotional support has true value. 

    Connect with a San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Jose Rideshare Accident Lawyer Now

    After a fatal accident involving a rented e-bike or scooter, you need a legal team you can count on.  Reach out to Ride App Law Group, LLP, to schedule an appointment to discuss your accident today. 

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