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    What If A Rental Bike Malfunctions And Causes A Crash?

    Published on Aug 26, 2021 at 4:50 pm in Uncategorized.

    We often trust rental services to help us get from Point A to Point B safely, but what happens when one of these rentals unsafely malfunctions and results in injury? Read on to learn how a bike accident attorney can help.

    Riders may view rental bikes as a safer, more affordable, and energy-efficient mode of transportation than most alternatives. Although that would ideally be the universal case across the board, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that it’s not. 

    A wide range of accident risks could arise to send a rental bike rider off track. In particular, motorized electric rental bikes (or “e-bikes”) have a noted risk of injury. One 17-year study reported in Reuters noted that they had yielded over 245 million accident injuries across the entire duration of the study period.

    As that electric bike figure shows, sometimes the biggest accident risk for a bicyclist is their own malfunctioning rental bike. Even though there was technically no negligent “person” present whose actions led to your accident injury, could you still be able to hold a negligent bike manufacturer or rental bike company to legal account?

    Moreover, will a competent bike accident attorney’s assistance be needed to do so? 

    Can You Sue A Rental Company?

    Of course. When you rent a bike (or any vehicle for that matter), you rent it with the expectation that it will be able to get you from Point A to Point B as safely as possible. It’s part of the unwritten “duty of care” that rental companies are implicitly expected to uphold.

    When a rental company allows a defective bicycle to be rented out, and that defective bicycle’s malfunctioning leads to a person suffering a bike accident and serious injury, it can constitute grounds for negligence due to failing to uphold their expected duty of care.

    It’s clear negligence, and there are plenty of clear examples of legal precedent which have defined it as such. Citi Bike, one of New York City’s biggest bicycle rental companies, has been hit with a number of lawsuits (amounting to millions of dollars) related to bike crash injuries.

    So yes, even if no present negligent person(s) who contributed to your bike crash injury is physically around by the accident scene, you can still hold them to legal account in a court of law. And, yes, doing so with the assistance of a bike accident attorney is an absolute must.

    Why Do You Need A Bike Accident Lawyer?

    A more compelling question for us to ask here would be, “why DON’T you need a lawyer?” A lawyer can offer you crucial guidance and resources when navigating the legal system, resources that would simply be considerably harder to obtain and access without professional legal assistance.

    Among other things, a bike accident attorney can help you with:

    • Calculating and recovering damages
    • Finding expert witnesses and authorities to testify
    • Processing and organizing documentation
    • Counseling on what & what not to do
    • Reconstruction of the accident in question
    • Professionally representing and arguing your case

    Don’t forget to ask for help when you may need it the most. If you were injured in a bike accident around the California Area, consider consulting the Ride App Attorneys today!