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    Lyft Rideshare Statistics

    Published on Apr 4, 2022 at 4:41 pm in Lyft Accidents.

    Curious about how the so-called underdog Lyft app compares against Uber? Like Uber, Lyft also started in San Francisco. The company was founded by computer programmers Logan Green and John Zimmer on June 9, 2012, and offered rides between different college campuses.

    Below is some detailed information about Lyft as a major rideshare player. In the event you were in a Lyft accident, reach out to a rideshare lawyer as soon as possible. 

    Lyft At a Glance

    Here are some basics about Lyft rides:

    • On average, Lyft drivers earn $12.53 per trip
    • Lyft had 65 million downloads in January 2019
    • Half of Lyft riders say they use the app more often than they use their own cars
    • As of 2020, Lyft had generated net revenue of $6 billion
    • 56% of Lyft rides start or stop in “high end” neighborhoods
    • Lyft users between the ages of 18-24 use the app at least once a week on average

    Lyft Fun Facts

    Here are some unique talking points about Lyft:

    • In August 2014, Uber launched a secret program called “Hell.” This industrial espionage campaign sent undercover riders on Lyft trips in which they tried to convince the drivers to join Uber and ditch Lyft. Uber was investigated by the FBI for this.
    • Founder Logan Green got inspired to start Lyft when he visited Zimbabwe and noticed that locals used crowdsourced networks of carpools. He was in a long-distance relationship at the time and had been relying on Greyhound and Craigslist to arrange rides between Santa Barbara and LA to see her. He had a light bulb moment–what if an app existed to solve his ongoing transportation woes?
    • Ethan Eyler, the founder of Carstache, created the pink, fuzzy mustaches that were affixed to the front of the first Lyft vehicles. Eyler later became a brand manager at Lyft.
    • Lyft co-founder and former Lehman Brothers employee John Zimmer had attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (several hours north of New York City). During his time at Cornell, he had arranged student carpools to and from the city. One day he was cruising Facebook and saw a post about Zimride. He reached out to Green, and they discovered they had a mutual friend. The rest is history!
    • Lyft is the highest rate rideshare app. Additionally, 9 out of 10 Lyft rides are given 5-stars by the rider.

    Lyft Timeline

    Here is a timeline of Lyft’s history, which is actually two years longer than Uber’s history:

    • May 2007 – Zimride is born
    • May 2012 – Lyft, a division of Zimride, launches. The cars back then had big fuzzy pink mustaches attached to the front grills.
    • January 2013 – Zimride earns $15 million in funding and expands service to southern California.
    • May 2013 – Zimride officially becomes Lyft and stops offering campus-to-campus rides. They also raise another $60 million in funding.
    • April 2014 – Lyft expands to 24 other major US cities…still with fuzzy, pink mustache-adorned cars.
    • Throughout 2015 – Lyft partnered with other rideshare apps like Didi and GrabTaxi to form an alliance against Uber.
    • November 2016 – Lyft ditches the furry pink mustaches and replaces them with illuminated dash logo signs that can easily be seen at night in the dark.
    • July 2017 – Lyft reaches the one million rides per day point.
    • November 2017 – Lyft goes international for the first time and launches in Toronto, Canada.
    • May 2018 – Lyft stops forcing riders who were sexually assaulted by their drivers to keep their cases out of court (forced arbitration).
    • March 2019 – Lyft becomes a publicly-traded company (LYFT on the Nasdaq).

    If Something Goes Wrong & You Need a Los Angeles Lyft Accident Attorney

    With all of Lyft’s success, there are still Lyft accidents and injuries that occur. Contact the Ride App Law Group—we are Lyft accident lawyers. This is what we do and nothing else. Set up a free consultation today – we help clients in the Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego areas. 

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