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    How Opoli Drivers Can Be Unsafe

    Published on Aug 27, 2021 at 8:00 am in Opoli.

    For over two decades, Opoli has persisted as one of California’s most trusted rideshare service providers. But what do you do in the unfortunate event that an Opoli driver violates your trust? Always discuss this with an Opoli accident attorney.

    Long before Lyft and Uber, California had (and still has) Opoli. Opoli continues to remain popular as a shared-ride service provider, offering general rideshare options and higher-end SUVs, limos, and Tesla ride rentals as well.

    It has long been a trusted rideshare service in the state, but what should you do in the unfortunate event that a negligent Opoli rideshare driver violates your trust? Moreover, how can an Opoli accident attorney help you recover from such a violation? Keep reading to find out what causes accidents, and find out how you can rectify them.

    What Causes Rideshare Accidents?

    Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute estimate that rideshare services have resulted in a 3% rise in motor vehicle accidents since 2010. While that may not sound like much, you have to keep in mind that it accounts for around 987 more accident fatalities per year.

    As is the case with any other tragic car accident, a myriad of tragic variables could lead to a tragic rideshare accident, and far too often, they are far too preventable:

    • Drowsy driving
    • Intoxicated driving
    • Aggressive driving
    • Mechanical errors
    • Road conditions

    Make no mistake; negligence is a factor omnipresent in each and every one of these scenarios. Whether it was your Opoli driver who failed to drive safely, another driver who failed to drive safely, or negligent manufacturers and/or road workers who failed to facilitate safe driving conditions, all of those instances are instances of clear, flagrant failure on the part of someone.

    And that “someone,” whomever they are, is bound to be held to legal account in a court of law. If the driver maliciously puts you in harm’s way, whether through harassment or flat-out assault, then they are liable to face even greater punishment in a court of law, as that would cross the line from a civil case to a criminal one. 

    Whether you’re dealing with a civil or criminal case, it’s always good to have the competent litigation assistance of a trusted lawyer on your side. They can offer you resources and additional support that would simply be very difficult to attain through other channels, support, and resources such as:

    • Multiple years of experience representing cases like yours
    • Access to expert witnesses and authorities who can strengthen your case
    • Much-needed assistance with processing paperwork
    • Accurate damage estimates to determine the compensation you deserve

    With all of that information in mind, what are you waiting for? Why not contact experienced legal counsel who can assist your case, and why not contact legal counsel that specifically specializes in rideshare crash litigation? Why not work with rideshare crash counsel that has a track record of winning results?

    Ride Smoothly With an Opoli Accident Attorney

    If you or a loved one was injured because of a negligent Opoli driver in California, then you should consider referring to one of our experienced Opoli accident attorneys today to find out if our services are right for you. Contact the RideApp Attorneys today.