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    How Much is Your Uber Accident Case Worth?

    Published on Sep 20, 2021 at 8:12 pm in Uber Accidents.

    If you were seriously hurt in a Uber accident in California, your most viable remedy would be to pursue financial compensation from the person or entity (business, company, government agency, etc.) whose negligence caused the accident. Although this process might seem simple, there are various factors that could influence your case’s value. 

    Broadly speaking, an Uber accident’s value will be based on its specific circumstances, most notably, the severity of the victim’s injuries and how the accident has negatively affected the victim’s life. Each injury claim is different, and so is the amount an injured victim could recover when the claim is resolved via a jury award or negotiated settlement. 

    In general, an Uber accident attorney can make a precise estimate of your case’s value (with help from relevant experts, if needed) according to these standard factors:  

    Your Actual Monetary Losses

    Also called economic damages, these are out-of-pocket accident-related costs you’ve incurred. These typically include all qualified medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of earning capacity, future lost income, damage to your car, and/or car repair costs. 

    Your Non-Economic Damages

    These are non-physical losses, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, and mental anguish or trauma due to your injuries and the accident. These also include other negative effects of the Uber accident and their impact on your daily quality of life.  

    The Strength of Your Claim

    Your case will have to prove that the negligent party’s actions resulted in the Uber accident and caused your injuries. The strength of your case will likewise be founded on medical records, police reports, witness testimonies, surveillance videos, accident scene photos, and others. 

    Insurance Coverage Limits

    Almost all car accident cases are paid out through the liable party’s auto insurance plan. If the at-fault driver had only the required insurance coverage and does not have substantial income or assets, the value of the cause will most likely not exceed the driver’s coverage limits. However, in some cases, Uber’s corporate coverage will apply, which can increase the available settlement amount. 

    Whether Your Claim Settles or Heads to Trial

    Both parties—the injured plaintiff and the defendant—could agree on a negotiated settlement amount and settle the claim out of court. But if the claim heads to court, it could be anyone’s game (depending on the strength of your claim) because the jury will get to decide the verdict or outcome of the case. 

    Seek Legal Help from an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer in California

    To sum up, the specific amount of your financial compensation, whether through a settlement or jury award, would be dependent on various factors, but mainly the severity and exact nature of your injuries and how they have impacted your life. Other crucial factors that can help determine your claim’s value can include the duration of your recovery and any possible long-term or permanent disabilities or complications from your injuries. 

    To get a more accurate estimate of how much your Uber accident case might be worth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at the Ride App Firm. To schedule your free case review with our Uber accident lawyers, call 888-754-9023 or contact us online. 

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