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    Distracted Drivers Can Hit E-Scooters

    Published on Apr 26, 2022 at 1:45 pm in Electric Scooters and Bikes.

    Distracted driving is an epidemic taking over our roadways. With the recent expansion of bicycle lanes and the addition of electric scooters, or e-scooters, to the roads in downtown areas, the problem is only compounding. To ensure you don’t need to hire one of our Los Angeles rideshare attorneys someday, please use caution.

    E-Scooter Accident Statistics

    Different concerned organizations have begun studying the impact of e-scooters on urban roadways. Statistics are beginning to emerge, and the findings are pretty interesting. Here are a few e-scooter accident statistics:

    • E-scooter riders are twice as likely to be injured by things like sidewalk cracks and potholes (not other vehicles) compared to bicyclists.
    • Most e-scooter accidents happen on the sidewalk, not in designated bike/scooter lanes.
    • E-scooter riders get more injuries per mile than bicyclists, despite the fact that cyclists are three times more likely to get struck by cars.

    The Distracted Driving Epidemic

    Now, let’s compare these numbers to the rates of distracted drivers on the road—it’s the perfect storm, unfortunately:

    • Among 18 to 24-year-old drivers, almost half admit to texting while driving in states in which this is prohibited. In states that allow texting while driving, 55 percent of drivers ages 25 to 29 admit to texting behind the wheel. 
    • 800 deaths in a recent year were due to cell phone use behind the wheel (whether phones were in the driver’s hand or sitting in a dashboard holder). 
    • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety observed Virginia drivers and noted a 57 percent increase in drivers holding cell phones from a previous survey.

    And it’s not just lawyers, insurance companies, and researchers that are concerned; drivers are expressing the same concerns. A survey by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety reported that over 60 percent of drivers surveyed felt distracted driving was a more pressing concern today than it was a few years ago.

    Distracted Drivers Injure E-Scooter Riders

    In the battle of a 5,000-pound vehicle versus a human weighing 100 to 250 pounds, the human is the obvious loser. If you do a google search for “driver killed scooter rider,” you’ll see results from around the globe from as recent as a few days ago. This problem is not localized to the United States. 

    In fact, the National Safety Council has started a Distracted Driving Survivors Network for those who have lost loved ones to distracted driving, much like people came together decades ago to fight against drunk driving.

    A Los Angeles E-Scooter Accident Attorney Can Help

    If you were injured when a vehicle struck you or you met with an unsafe road condition (i.e. pothole, large surface crack), Ride App Law Group has experienced e-scooter accident attorneys in the Los Angeles area who can help. Always hire a lawyer who knows e-scooter crashes to get the maximum settlement possible, as these cases can have complex and unique legal questions. 

    Contact us today to set up a free consultation to learn more about how we might help. 

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