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    Common Causes of Rideshare Crashes In California

    Published on Aug 6, 2021 at 10:00 am in Rideshare Accidents.

    Rideshare drivers can be involved in accidents for many different reasons. If you suffered injuries in a crash and think the driver – or someone else – was at fault, speak with a California rideshare accident lawyer. 

    We trust rideshare drivers with the responsibility of getting us safely from one place to another, and generally, they do. Uber’s most recent Safety Report shows that reported accidents or violence cases are fairly low, relative to other commercial driver services. 

    However, rideshare drivers are human and just as prone to suffering human error or negligence as anyone else. What can lead to these errors, and how can California rideshare accident lawyers help you overcome them? Keep reading to find out.

    Causes of Car Crashes By Rideshare Drivers

    Rideshare drivers can be subject to the mishaps that any other driver could be subject to. Some common causes that result in car crashes include:

    1. Speeding
    2. Drowsy driving
    3. Inexperience
    4. Intoxicated driving
    5. Unsafe road conditions
    6. Distracted driving
    7. Mechanical error

    Any one of the above factors could lead to serious, injurious, and potentially deadly vehicle crashes and all of them constitute examples of negligence. 

    You might notice that two of those bullet points (unsafe road conditions & mechanical error) wouldn’t necessarily be the fault of your rideshare driver. Even then, you could still have a viable liability and lawsuit case to pursue after your rideshare accident; negligent road workers could still be named as liable parties in a personal injury lawsuit, as could negligent auto manufacturers or mechanics.

    But regardless of what caused it, what should you do in the immediate aftermath of an accident involving your rideshare vehicle, beyond calling up a California rideshare accident lawyer?

    What To Do If Your Uber Gets In An Accident?

    After an accident involving your Uber or any other rideshare car you ordered, both you and your driver should attempt to:

    1. Get to safety: Have yourselves and the vehicle move out of the flow of traffic, if it is safely possible to do so.
    1. Call first responders: Send appropriate help to the accident scene, and wait for help to arrive.
    1. Document, document, document: Record as much evidence of the accident scene as possible, whether in photos, videos, or written documentation. 
    1. Exchange contact info: Between yourself, the rideshare driver, witnesses, and any other parties involved in the crash, if possible.
    1. Seek appropriate medical care: Pronto, ASAP, in a hurry, with as little hesitation as possible.

    After the dust has settled and you’ve recovered from your injuries, you should consider negotiating with the other party’s insurer to reach a fair monetary settlement, whether that other party is the rideshare driver or another third party. 

    But what if you fail to attain a satisfactory settlement? What then?

    Seek Help from California Rideshare Accident Lawyers

    Do you have any questions about rideshare accident cases and how you can find the most accountability and justice out of it possible? We can get you answers, and potentially, the winning settlement you deserve.

    Contact our California rideshare accident lawyers to learn more and arrange a free consultation. We have locations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Diego.

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