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    How Do You Choose Uber or Lyft?

    Published on Nov 26, 2021 at 10:52 am in Lyft Accidents, Rideshare Accidents, Uber Accidents.

    Some differences between the two primary rideshare companies can be subtle, while others can be immense. You may need to consider the qualities of both services before you choose. The more information you have about both companies, the better informed you will be when you have to choose between Uber and Lyft. In either case, in the event of an accident, you want a rideshare accident attorney on your side. 

    Who Is Driving For Each Company? 

    Many rideshare drivers do not work for only Uber or Lyft. Individual drivers may have preferences, but many rideshare drivers are registered with both Uber and Lyft. If you use both Uber and Lyft, you may see the same drivers working for both rideshare companies, which can increase the chances of errors and rideshare accidents

    Uber and Lyft both conduct background checks on their drivers. These standards are different in every jurisdiction.

    To be an Uber driver, every applicant must meet the legal age requirement of the city in which the applicant lives and works. Every driver must also have a minimum of one year of licensed driving experience. Applicants with convictions for sex offenses, violent offenses, or terrorism-related offenses disqualify applicants from working with Uber. 

    Lyft drivers must be a minimum age that varies for every state. The minimum age range is typically 21-25 years old. Every Lyft driver must also have at least one year of licensed driving experience. Drivers may not be eligible to drive for Lyft if they have been convicted of driving under the influence within the past seven years. Most drivers will be disqualified for driving with Lyft if they have ever been convicted of sexual assault or a violent crime. 

    Automobiles That Qualify For Uber 

    A driver must use a vehicle that has at least four doors and is capable of transporting a minimum of four passengers. The automobile must be no more than 15 years old, and it must not contain any cosmetic damage such as missing components or large dents. 

    Automobiles That Qualify For Lyft 

    A driver must use a vehicle that has at least four doors and a minimum of five seat belts. State regulations dictate the age and condition of the vehicle. Lyft does not allow specific subcompact models. 

    Which App Offers the Cheapest Ride Option? 

    When users from the same city are polled, the price difference between Uber and Lyft is negligible. Many users download both applications and select one or the other based on nearby drivers. Premium rates during peak hours may be higher in metro areas. 

    Frequent Rider Subscriptions

    Uber offers loyal customers a special plan known as Uber Pass. Users pay $25 per month, and subscribers receive priority airport pickups, a 10% reduction in economy rides, and a 15% reduction on premium rides. Uber Pass users also receive free UberEats deliveries on orders that meet certain minimum amounts. 

    Lyft Pink offers subscribers a subscription plan that costs $19.99 per month. Users receive a 15% discount on all rides, unlimited bike rentals, free Grubhub+ membership, and free scooter rentals

    Contact a Los Angeles Rideshare Accident Attorney

    If you need to learn more information about the major rideshare companies and their role in automobile accidents, contact Ride App Law Group, LLP today. Our attorneys can represent if you were injured and the accident involved an Uber or Lyft driver. Visit our website to learn more about the legal services we offer. You can also call us at 888-754-9023 to schedule a free consultation. 

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