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Speeding Accidents Caused by Uber Drivers in LA

Published on Jul 26, 2022 at 7:52 pm in Uber Accidents.

If you’re a victim of speeding accidents caused by Uber drivers in LA, an Uber accident attorney can pursue compensation.

According to NHTSA, speeding contributed to 11,258 deaths in the United States, an equivalent of 29% of fatalities. Speeding Uber drivers expose thousands of passengers in LA to injuries and death.

Typically, speeding puts an uber driver in a precarious situation. For instance, driving above speed limits increases the likelihood of losing control. It also hampers the effectiveness of occupant protection features, enhancing the injuries’ severity.

Types of Speeding Accidents Caused by Uber Drivers

Head-on Collisions

Head-on-collisions occur when drivers traveling in opposite directions crash front to front. The severity of head-on collisions—frontal accidents— is higher than other accidents. Interestingly, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates a 58% fatality rate of vehicle occupants in head-on-collisions.

Remember that speeding hampers drivers’ control, effectively increasing the risk of head-on-collisions. Moreover, when an uber driver is speeding, it’s impossible to avoid incoming vehicles quickly.

Side-impact Collisions

A side-impact collision occurs when another vehicle’s front or rear hits an Uber on the side. These Uber accidents may happen when a driver of a car traveling in the same direction loses control.

Factors like snow, standing water, or gravel can make a speeding driver lose control and cause a side-impact collision.

Vehicle Roll-overs

A vehicle roll-over occurs when a vehicle flips on its side, lands on the roof, or rolls multiple times. Roll-overs are classified as either tripped or untripped. Untripped rollovers result from steering input, speeding, or friction on the road. In contrast, the external force resulting from collisions can cause a tripped rollover.

The huge impact of rollovers contributes to its high fatality rate and severe injuries.

Multiple Vehicle Collisions

Another speeding accident caused by uber drivers in LA is multiple vehicle collisions. Multiple collisions involve three or more vehicles piling up in a chain reaction. For instance, when two or more vehicles collide and stop, additional cars may crash into the pile-up. 

When a speeding vehicle approaches an accident, it’s likely to compound a collision because it can’t stop on time to avoid the pile-up.

Injuries Caused By Speeding Uber Drivers in LA

Speeding accelerates the risk of injury and fatality, which is why high-speed collisions result in life-threatening injuries. Driving above the prescribed speed limits accelerates the impact due to reduced vision, maneuverability, and a longer braking distance.

Below are the common injuries related to speeding uber drivers

  • Brain injury
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal Injury
  • Broken bones
  • Neck Injury

Uber drivers are more likely to cause accident-related injuries on highways. As they speed up, the ability to control or stop the vehicle reduces. Although some accidents are unavoidable, driving within speed limits can mitigate Uber accidents.

Speak to a Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles to Explore Your Options

Uber-related accidents can result in life-changing injuries like paralysis, head injuries, or death. It’s also important to note that insurance shields Uber from accident liability caused by drivers. 

To that end, working with an experienced attorney like The RideApp Attorneys is recommended.

 Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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