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    Medical Costs Of a Spinal Injury From An E-Scooter Crash

    Published on Aug 13, 2021 at 10:00 am in Electric Scooters and Bikes.

    Spinal cord injuries from scooter crashes can be physically, financially, and emotionally costly in more ways than one. They’re often referred to as “catastrophic” injuries for good reason. If you’ve suffered such an injury, an e-scooter accident attorney can help.

    If you are riding a rented e-scooter and get into an accident, the potential exists for you to suffer spinal trauma and a serious spinal cord injury. There’s a reason spinal cord injuries are often called “catastrophic,” as they have immense potential to catastrophically upend a person’s life, physically, psychologically, and financially. According to some key figures from the World Health Organization:

    1. Between 250,000 and 500,000 SCI injury cases occur per year
    2. SCI sufferers are two to five times more likely to die prematurely
    3. 90 percent of SCI cases are due to traumatic causes
    4. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury

    Because they have little to no protection in the event of a collision or fall to the pavement, scooter riders face a particularly grave risk of suffering spinal cord injury, even more so than other accident victims.

    If you or a loved one suffered this type of injury in a scooter accident because of a negligent driver, you want to make sure you stand up for your legal rights. Understand the costs of spinal cord injuries and how the right attorneys could help you recoup your losses

    Lifetime Costs Of Spinal Cord Injury

    The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has produced an excellent guide breaking down the various average lifetime costs associated with different spinal cord injuries (based on the age of the SCI sufferer & severity of the SCI suffered), and unfortunately, none of them are particularly on the cheap side:

    1. High tetraplegia injuries: $2,596,329 to $4,724,181
    2. Low tetraplegia injuries: $2,123,154 to $3,451,781
    3. Paraplegia ASIS: $1,516,052 to $2,310,104
    4. Incomplete motor function: $1,113,990 to $1,578,274

    That is a lot of lifetime costs to expect out of someone who has already been placed in a particularly vulnerable position. The average American who hasn’t suffered from an SCI struggles to pay emergency expenses higher than $400 (per federal estimates), so one can only imagine the especially vulnerable and precarious position that spinal cord injury sufferers find themselves reckoning with. 

    Beyond medical bills or even financial costs, e-scooter accident victims can expect to face a bevy of other costs as well: 

    1. Funeral expenses (if someone died in the accident)
    2. Property damage expenses
    3. Childcare expenses (if children are in the picture)
    4. Loss of consortium
    5. Loss of quality of life
    6. Physical and psychological anguish

    Even though your ability to make a living may have been diminished, the costs associated with living won’t be. That’s why you should invest in your best bet to recover these costs in a personal injury claim by seeking help from reliable legal counsel you can count on.

    Speak with an E-Scooter Accident Attorney Right Away

    Many types of severe injuries can result from e-scooter accidents, and if you or someone you know was injured, then consider contacting our team at The Ride App Attorneys today to find out how we can assist you. We help clients in and around San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles.

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